Our church’s mission is to please God by making disciples of all people and teaching them to grow and change joyfully through the gospel. We want to see every person in our church changing, learning, and serving.

What does SERVING look like?

We’d love to help you discover a way to minister and use your talents to serve the Lord, either inside our church or outside it. Our goal is that each person at CBC, no matter his/her age, be plugged into at least one area of service. Music, drama, technology, nursery, women’s ministry, hospitality, missions, leadership, youth ministry, teaching, building/grounds maintenance, ushering and greeting, just to name a few – there are so many ways to serve the Lord at Cornerstone! In addition, dozens of our people are involved with other important ministries and outreaches, both in our local community and outside our geographical area. Please contact one of our staff members to get assistance with finding where and how YOU can serve!