Cornerstone Baptist Church has presented a FREE Broadway-style Christmas musical in December for each of the last 13 years as a gift to the community. The most recent production, Prime Time Christmas, was an original comedy imagining how 21st-century TV media might have covered the first Christmas 2,000+ years ago.

Your show was outstanding and very professional. It was like attending a Broadway play.
In a word, spectacular. High production values, excellent score, great singing and acting. I loved it!
The costumes were so realistic, and the singers were wonderful!
I thoroughly enjoyed the quality and professionalism of your Christmas musical. It was so enjoyable.
I like the program very much - it was the best one I went to...outstanding!
Wonderful choir! Great gift to be able to witness a beautiful program!
Excellent! Enjoyed the show!
A Christmas blessing.
I keep thinking your programs can’t get any better. This year was the best of all!
One of the nicest plays I’ve ever been to.
Very well performed. Wonderful music, creative sets.
The production was wonderful and fun to watch!
The music was beautiful, and I was surprised at the quality of the performance - like a Broadway musical.
I thought the performance was extremely professionally done – as good as anything I’ve ever seen.
Your show was so good I came back to see it again the next day!
Loved it. I would love to see more.
Your program was wonderful! No one told me I’d need Kleenex - it was awesome!
The performance was outstanding as usual...Thank you all for your time and work!
As always it was spectacular! I so enjoy it and much gratitude for no charge. Everything was awesome.
We saw both performances and it was great both times.
Thank you for all your time and energy; the show was wonderful and sent a good message to all who saw it.
Invited one year and enjoyed every year - so been back and looking forward to it!
Wonderful! I smiled through the whole program.
We are so made our Christmas. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Innovative - so different from what I expected. Very entertaining.
Wonderful show. Will definitely be back.
Exceptional - very happy we came. Thank you!
The best one so far. Each one is better than the next.
Phenomenal play! The entire cast deserves a standing ovation!