College students at Cornerstone, if you would like to participate in our Adopt-A-Student program and aren’t already paired with an ‘adopter', please fill out the survey at this link between now and the end of September to sign up.

We are excited about the chance to connect you with a specific family, couple, or person at CBC: someone who will go above and beyond to show you encouragement and kindness for however many years the Lord has you at our church.

Maybe they’ll shoot you a text message on a random Tuesday to let you know they're praying for you. Maybe they'll show up with a gift on your birthday. Maybe they'll offer to take you out to lunch after church. We are trusting our adopters to be creative and faithful in helping show you how much we care!

There is no requirement on your end as a potential 'adoptee' except being willing to get connected in this way. We know most of you are dozens, hundreds, or thousands of miles away from home, and we want to provide you with both a church family and a specific family that can help you feel as much 'at home' as possible during your time at Cedarville.

Interested? Ready to sign up? Click here to get started.